What's New

Two New Triple-A Engines

Easily get your content from SketchUp into Unreal 4 and Lumberyard!

The FBX File Format

Now you can set your output to the FBX (binary or text) file format.

Significant UX Improvements

No more 3rd party installations required to get PlayUp running in SketchUp.

A Tool for Textures

Play with the new projection tool under the Geometry Properties window to optimize your tiled textures for game engine exports.

More Workflow Options

Change physics flags in bulk, export layers separately, and generate a level file without the meshes for greater workflow control.

Re-Architected Code

While largely invisible to the user, PlayUp Tools has been rewritten from the ground up to facilitate development.

Get PlayUp Tools
Basic Features  
Exports to Unity*

Exports to CryENGINE 3*

Exports to Lumberyard*

Exports to Unreal Engine 4*

Supports DAE format (on select engines)

Supports FBX format (on select engines)

Projection Tools

SketchUp Version 2016
Improved Plugin Code

OS Platform Windows
30 Day Free Trial Features  
Level Exporter

Batch Model Export

Price for Full Version $49.95 NOW FREE!

* PlayUp Tools has been verified to work with these versions of the engines:
  • Unity 5.6.5
  • Unreal 4.19
  • CryENGINE 3.8.6 Build 53
  • Lumberyard Beta 1.8

Still using Valve Source, CryENGINE 2, or SketchUp 2015? You can still download the unsupported legacy version of the tool.