The Basics

 Working With Geometry Properties 

Game engine specific data can be applied through the Geometry Properties view. Click the magnifying glass icon in the PlayUp Toolbar to access the Geometry Properties window. In the Geometry Properties window, there are 3 tabs with different functionality:

You can apply game engine specific data about the physical properties of a group or component. How this data is treated will depend on which engine you are exporting to.

Below is a table showing how each option maps to a given game engine:

 Physical Abilities
  Static GeomEntity
(in Layer)
If there is a MeshCollider without a Trigger Flag, a Rigidbody is added with Kinematic Flagged Static (Transform Mobility), WorldStatic (Collision Object Type) GeomEntity
(in Layer)
  Dynamic Entity (in Layer) Rigidbody Added without
Kinematic Flagged
Movable (Transform Mobility), WorldDynamic (Collision Object Type), Simulate Physics Entity (in Layer)
Default See setting in CryENGINE 3 tab under PlayUp Preferences No MeshCollider Added Collision Enabled (Query and Physics) See setting in Lumberyard tab under
PlayUp Preferences
 On physDefault
(in Mesh)
Convex MeshCollider Added Collision Enabled (Query and Physics) physDefault
(in Mesh)
 Off physNone
(in Mesh)
No MeshCollider Added If Dynamic, Query Only (No Physics Collision), otherwise NoCollision physNone
(in Mesh)
 Proxy physProxyNoDraw
(in Mesh)
Convex MeshCollider Added with Trigger Flag, Renderer Disabled Query Only (No Physics Collision), Visibility off physProxyNoDraw
(in Mesh)
( Trigger)
(in Mesh)
Convex MeshCollider Added with Trigger Flag Query Only (No Physics Collision) physNoCollide
(in Mesh)
 Obstruct physObstruct
(in Mesh)
Not Supported Not Supported physObstruct
(in Mesh)

Level of Detail:
Setting a group or component as an LoD will allow the game engine to swap out your high poly model with a lower detail model. The higher the LoD number, the less polygons the group or component should have. You can set up to 6 lower poly models for a high poly model. Simply nest the LoD models into the highest detailed model's group or component and apply the LoD number designation.

A tool to help optimize your tiled textures for game engine exports.